Our Philosophy

Nothing can change lives more than a high quality education. This is the compass that guides our efforts. At Rocket Group, it is our mission to provide the absolute best possible education for the next generation. This is a promise that every member of Rocket Group takes very seriously.

Although the world continues to change in very fundamental ways, many educational practices remain practically unchanged since the beginning of the twentieth century. Our society is failing to prepare students for the world that awaits them. Our institutions are also failing to take advantage of advances in cognitive sciences and innovative information technologies to develop more effective and compelling educational experiences. The potential to radically transform how students are educated has never been greater. This is what excites us about the work we do.

At the core of every single one of our offerings is a foundational belief about what children should learn and how it should be taught. We believe that a quality education teaches children to become life-long independent learners who thrive at using knowledge to develop innovative solutions for their communities’ most pressing problems. We also believe that this type of education is best delivered through engaging real life projects that constantly match what a student wants to accomplish with the knowledge required to accomplish it. This approach lies at the heart of everything we do.

Our efforts are also guided by our understanding of the most pressing challenges and opportunities faced by educational systems.

The ChallengeThe OpportunityOrganizational Response
Struggling learners do not get the support they need. Deliver high quality intervention services with alternative pedagogies. School Services division
Teachers are not receiving the training they need. Provide teachers with the most effective methods for practical professional development.
Traditional classroom instruction is not sufficiently individualized. Use educational technology to deliver highly personalized instruction. Educational Technology division
Young learners often come to school unprepared to learn. Deliver research based world-class instructional services. Early Childhood & Schools division

In the end, we are passionate about what we do because we want to give others the same high quality educational opportunities we had.

For a full list of our offerings please see Our Offerings page. 

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