About Us

Rocket Group is an educational organization with a diverse portfolio of companies – unified by our shared mission to transform students’ lives by harnessing the power of research, technology and innovation. Through our growing suite of cutting-edge solutions, we help students acquire the skills and motivation necessary to excel in the classroom and succeed in life.

Originally founded as Rocket Learning, a leading provider of tutoring services in the United States, the company was recently expanded to bring its innovative instructional approaches to a broader range of educational settings. Now named Rocket Group, we are a diversified group of companies led by entrepreneurial and educational leaders focused on leveraging innovation to transform education.

Our Mission

At Rocket Group, our mission is to help students reach their full potential and become passionate about using their knowledge and creativity to make the world a better place.

Embracing Technology — Empowering Students

Advances in technology allow Rocket Group to deliver products and services with a level of personalization and effectiveness unrivaled in the history of education. Today, Rocket Group offers its online solutions to students, school districts, parents and teachers virtually anywhere in the world. At Rocket Group, we are inventing the future of learning.

See Our Leadership Team to learn more about our unique experience as professionals in education.

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Leaders in education through research, technology and innovation.